Salesforce to Zoho

Looking to migrate all your crucial company data to Zoho, we have Zoho Experts with Salesforce knowledge and can answer your questions and safely migrate your data to Zoho.

Zoho is 80% less expensive and offers similar CRM features and capabilities.



Migrate to Zoho – How it Works

Before our data migration experts take over, we’ll make sure that everything is according to the specifications set by you. For this purpose, we’ll designate a team member who will:

  • Review how you’re currently using your current Salesforce CRM

  • Understand the data concerns you need to be addressed before and after the migration is completed

  • Determine if there are any special system requirements

  • Set up your Zoho CRM accordingly 

  • Migrate your data across your customised Zoho CRM

  • Provide Business User training (Admin training available if required )

  • How you plan to use the data once it has been migrated to Zoho

It is very important for us to understand these requirements beforehand because every migration project is unique. These individual requirements govern the time and investment required for the migration.

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