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  • Chioma Udunwa

Zoho Projects: More Than Just A JIRA Alternative

JIRA focuses on software issue tracking and the whole project management system

was built around this. However, we have seen, that those not familiar with this environment find it complicated.

So, Why Zoho Projects?

In recent years, Zoho Projects has evolved into one of the most comprehensive collaboration tools available. With over a million users worldwide, it is popular with small and medium-sized businesses for planning and organizing their events. Whether you're a project manager needing a formal process with milestones and resource planning, or you just need to keep track of ideas and share them, Zoho Projects is the right tool for you.

Here are just a few of its core capabilities:

  • Milestones, Tasks, and Tasklists

  • Collaboration tools such as chat, chat rooms, group calendars, message boards, etc.

  • Timesheets for billable hours and integration with Zoho Invoice

  • Document management

  • Bug tracking for software-related projects

If you're looking for what sets Zoho Projects apart from JIRA and why it may be a better choice for you than JIRA, these are a few of them:

1. Comprehensive: Provides small, medium, and large-scale project management functionality.

2. Integrated: Zoho offers a lot of tools that complement one another. Zoho offers a variety of tools that complement each other. Zoho Projects is closely integrated with Zoho Apps and other third-party apps, making it even more productive, while being aligned with the needs of a diverse customer base.

3. Social: A comprehensive collaboration tool with features such as Feeds, Discussion forums, Chats, Documents, and Pages. This makes project management as easy as using your favorite social networking site.

4. Mobile: An independent app available on iOS and Android devices.

5. Scalable: Projects can be used for basic projects with a few users to complex projects with thousands of users. Add any number of users to any plan without having to pay extra.

Want to take Zoho Projects for a spin? Sign up for a one-month free trial here

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