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  • Josheph Bassey


As we gradually return to some semblance of normalcy since Covid-19 hit our world, businesses have adopted innovative ways of ensuring health restrictions doesn’t affect daily operations. The success and profitability of businesses now seem married to how best each component of an organisation can effectively communicate.

The Pandemic has unravelled the communication gaps, raising certain questions such as;

● The usability of communication technologies that are already in the market (does these business solutions software meet business criteria and how quickly can they be implemented).

● The adaptability of human resources to these technologies (how quickly can teams function efficiently and optimally with this software).

● The scalability of these technologies to meet the medium and long term goals of the organisation (Is this technology still relevant post restrictions)?

These questions have forced business owners and teams to make uncomfortable adjustments that mitigate the impact of the restriction on communication, which is key to the sustainability of the organization.

However, business owners are quickly realizing that a quick fix is not a smart solution to these communication problems the pandemic has enunciated.

How many times have you told a client, ‘I must have missed your email’ or heard it from an employee? That is the first sign of cracks in your communication system which almost certainly leads to loss of deals for your business. In today’s marketplace, where competition is teeth-tight, little gaps in communication are significantly the difference between securing and retaining customers. Often the problem is not that a team member you suspect isn’t working hard enough, neither is the hiring and firing culture you’re about the establish the solution.

Rather than trial and error in finding the right person to inherit a dysfunctional system that isn’t designed to handle fast and flexible business communication and process, invest in finding the right system that can seamlessly.

With Zoho CRM, you can tailor your email notification so that you never have to miss important emails. The keyword here is “important emails”. The major reason why people miss emails is not that they don’t bother to check, rather it’s because there are so many emails to check now and then, and sometimes the important emails might get lost in this cluster.

Zoho CRM’s customizable email solutions give businesses and their teams' flexibility that is streamlined to ensure important business messages are no longer lost in the crowd.

With advanced criteria settings, you can define the alert level of different kinds of emails that comes and also set timely reminders if you missed it the first time. Imagine having to no longer bother about missing important emails, the flexibility it would give your workflow and the time it would save you from the monotonous hassle of constantly checking your emails.

These can also be integrated with your website. Those enquiries from your website you’re missing and hot leads that are escaping your grasp due to late replies can now become a thing of the past. You can also improve the overall customer satisfaction of your website if complaints are no longer left unread and unattended.

Sounds good to you? Talk to us so we can start implementing solutions that will directly impact the profitability and customer satisfaction of your business.

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