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How Zoho CRM Can Save You Money

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

When it comes to the business software, you want the best. You need tools that will aid efficiency and improve sales process.

How Zoho CRM Can Save You Money

Zoho CRM is a powerful business tool that you can customise to your business needs, as well as being fast and reliable. The CRM offers support with sales, project management, recruitment and accounting. However, investing in any tool, regardless of its features, needs to deliver a return on investment. So, just how can Zoho CRM save you money?

Three ways Zoho CRM can save you money

1. The right marketing

Research has found that poor customer data costs businesses 6% of their annual revenue. Having incorrect data will hamper your marketing efforts. After all, your message might not be getting through to your target audience. Zoho CRM allows you to register leads and contacts instantly into your system so that your data is always relevant.

Furthermore, Zoho CRM also offers a campaign management feature. You can utilise this to build and test campaigns. With monitoring and analysis, you can make sure campaigns are successful, without spending money on fruitless, unproven attempts.

2. Sales tracking

With a centralised tracking system, you can ensure that every customer interaction, sale and service event is accounted for. By building a customer history for every client, you can work towards long-term relationships and repeat sales. When it can be so easy for customers to slip through the net, Zoho CRM is there to help make sure every activity is tracked. This can help you profit from as many leads as possible.

3. Future revenue

Zoho CRM offers your organisation a ‘future view’ and predicted revenue stream. With this, you can see the key indicators of profit in the future. As well as this, Zoho CRM will build the trends to help create profit metrics. With this, you can eliminate projects which will lose your money and focus your business objectives on the activities that will drive revenue.

Furthermore, Zoho CRM will also help you to define success metrics in your business. This means you can stay focused on the campaigns that will keep you on track with your success goals and ensure everyone commits to achieving them.

Cost-saving with Zoho CRM

While the features of Zoho CRM can help to save your business money and drive growth, Zoho CRM has a further cost-saving advantage. Compared to many CRMs, Zoho is one of the cheapest on the market. With the number of features available, it is easy to calculate a generous ROI for many businesses, whether they are SMEs or large corporations. Try Zoho CRM for free

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