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Going paper free with Zoho Doc Scanner

If you are on a mission to save the planet or just would like to do your bit and become a more environmentally friendly office, then the Zoho Doc Scanner can help take you one step closer.

Currently available for IOS in the App Store this professional tool is one document management app that will quickly prove its worth.

You might think that the name suggests that scanning documents is the limit of the apps capabilities, however, there is so much more on offer. After taking a quick scan the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology enables your phone to translate the document for you, it can even read it aloud to you with the integral voice reader.

Another handy benefit is the extraction editor, just select a section of text to start editing it.

Once you are happy with your document you can e-sign and then share the amended version with all the common document cloud services like; Dropbox, Google Drive or your Zoho WorkDrive.

Better still you can just email it!

There are four subscription levels that buy you additional functionality. Take advantage of the introductory offer of 50% price discount for the first three months of any subscription plan - be quick though as the offer closed on the 4th July.

Download the app below and see how quickly you can start your journey to a paper free office.

Need help with anything Zoho? Give us a call 0203 923 22 66

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