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  • Chioma Udunwa

Turn Leads To Customers With Zoho One, Customized Uniquely For Your Business

There are a lot of businesses out there that could benefit from converting leads to paying customers, but don't have the resources to make it happen. This is where Zoho One comes in. It's an all-in-one business software suite that gives businesses the tools they need to manage leads, process payments, send and track invoices, create and manage projects, and more. With everything integrated into one system, businesses can easily turn their leads into customers and see real results.


Zoho One is a suite of 45+ integrated apps that offers something for everyone in your company/organisation. From CRM and sales automation to accounting, inventory management, and project management, Zoho One provides all the essential tools your business needs to thrive. And because Zoho One is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, on any device, with a single login.


Zoho One has a lot of benefits. Here are a few of them

  1. ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: The all-in-one solution for business, Zoho One, comes with over 45+ applications that help business owners improve their processes. From sales and marketing to finance and HR, Zoho One has an application for everything. This allows businesses to manage every aspect of their company in one place. Zoho One also integrates with other Zoho applications, as well as third-party applications. This gives businesses the flexibility to use the applications they are already familiar with, as well as the option to try out new applications that could benefit their company.

  2. SINGLE ACCOUNT ACCESS: Zoho One helps businesses run their organization efficiently by providing them with a single login to access all their business data. With Zoho One, businesses can manage their contacts, sales, finance, HR, and other essential functions from a central location.

  3. INCREASE EFFICIENCY: Zoho One also provides users with a wide range of analytical and reporting tools to help them make better business decisions. Additionally, Zoho One comes with built-in security features that help businesses protect their data from unauthorized access.

  4. EASY TO CUSTOMIZE: Zoho One can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation. You can also add on or remove applications, and even change the way different applications work together as needed.


Here are some of the applications you can find in Zoho One:

Analytics: BI and analytics tool

Assist: Remote support software

Books: Smart way to do your small business accounting

Campaigns: E-mail marketing and campaign automation tool

Cliq: Team communications and collaboration platform

Connect: Intranet Portal

CRM: Customer Relationship Management system

Desk: Business helpdesk support solution

Expense: Expense report management

Forms: Interactive online forms creator

Inventory: Stock management and inventory control software

Invoice: Billing and invoicing software

Marketing Automation: Marketing automation software

Meeting: Web-conferencing solution

Motivator: Gamification service

People: Human resource management

Projects: Project management

Recruit: Recruitment software with applicant tracking system

SalesIQ: Real-time website tracking solution

Sign: Digital signature app Sites: Website building tool

Social: Social media management tool

Sprints: Agile project management

Subscriptions: Recurring


As we previously stated, Zoho One has over 45+ apps. The interesting thing about this is that users can customise Zoho One to fit their specific industries. For example, the diagram below shows how a lead is moved through various stages until they become paying customers using Zoho Marketing Automation, CRM, Inventory, and Books.

As you begin to familiarise yourself with the scope of Zoho One, you can tap into its broad palette of functionality in order to enable new processes and extend existing ones.


For companies, Zoho One can completely change their core processes without the burden of continuous software acquisition, deployment, and integration, removing a barrier so well-entrenched that companies have become inured to its existence.

Zoho One comes with a free trial, so, if you'll like to take it for a spin and play around with its features, click here.

And if you need help implementing Zoho One and getting the best out of your Zoho One investment, you can book a FREE discovery call here.

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