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  • Josheph Bassey

3 Great Ways To Keep Your Team Happy

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Building the right team directly determines the growth of a company, keeping the right team invariably determines its survival in a highly competitive business market regardless of niche. A record-shattering 4.5 million people left their job in the US in what is now known as the Great Resignation. Business leaders and team heads have never found it this difficult to keep their workers happy and fully engaged on the job. The pandemic, of course, has played a big role in the increase in the number of unhappy workers, and due to the biological and psychological stress/trauma, many have had to endure, finding ways to keep each team happy has been anything but simple. With the work-from-home culture being adopted by companies, there has been a lot of movements in the job market in the last year, a trend that is expected to continue According to the Bankrate jobseeker survey, 55% of the workforce are actively looking for employment and seeking to move in the next 12 months. Workers leaving your company is not a healthy sign of the wellness and growth of your business. If anything, it shows prospects and top talents why they should not be applying to your company. No one goes to where no one wants to be. You’re thinking what do I have to do? Well here are the three things you should be doing and the last point is the most critical Give Your Staff A Break Not the music business owners want to play but there has never been a better time to consider making your work more flexible for your team. At a time burnout is common and morale seems like igniting a fire in the rain, giving your team a breather sounds like the most profitable decision you can make right now. Yes! You just heard me say ‘profitable’, the World Health Organization found that companies that prioritise reducing burnouts and improving the mental health of their team get a return on investment of $4 in higher productivity and improved health for every $1 invested. Putting the health of your staff first, ensure they will also put your interest first.

Commitment To Professional Development Of Your Team Building your team professionally and giving them the requisite skill to become great at their jobs is a win-win scenario for any organisation. There is a special feeling that comes with knowing your company is a supporter of your personal dreams and aspiration, and they are also willing to commit resources to your growth. More often than not, that causes workers to also want to be part of the company’s journey and that guarantees their long-term stay in the company. Get Personal And Stay Connected In today’s world, there are many ways we are connected but the shift from remote work has also left us isolated and, in some cases, lonely. A lack of sense of belonging is one of the top reasons many employees have left their jobs according to the McKinsey Survey. We’ve all missed the little office talks after the weekend, the sight of who’s wearing what because it’s all part of what makes us connected. With Zoho, you can ensure your employees are still connected regardless of distance with customised features that make the workspace feel like a community. While you can have those small chats in Zoho Cliq that offers both voice and video call features; you don’t have to worry about missing tasks because you are notified and can quickly view assigned tasks in Zoho project right from Cliq. You are connected to your employees and tasks in one space in Zoho, isn’t that what an office is? And that’s only stating the tip of the iceberg for the sake of keeping this post short. For more details on the many features and functionalities, Zoho can offer your business, contact us.

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