MSOffice Connector

Switching between apps can be a bit frustrating and time-consuming. Before you know it, you're forgetting little tasks or small details of what you wanted to execute. Everyone has been there before but that doesn't have to be you with your Zoho CRM and MSOffice. MSOffice connector syncs your Zoho CRM with MSOffice, ensuring whatever related action you perform on your Zoho CRM is immediately reflected on your MSOffice and vice versa.


Some Features Of Our MSOffice Extension

Creates calendar event in MSOffice/Outlook calendar from Zoho CRM Meeting module and vice versa

After successful creation of Event in MSOffice/Outlook, Same record in CRM will be updated with MSOffice/Outlook event ID

Creates Meeting in Zoho CRM meeting module from MSOffice/Outlook calendar

Why Choose CRMSocius MSOffice Extension?

Fewer post-installation steps required

Automatically creates a module to easily connect with your MSOffice account

No coding required to set up

Does not require users to alter their set up or add new fields to their modules

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